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Great Relationships Are Only a Few Words Away

byJim Tudor

" They just don't understand"  are words we commonly hear.
"My spouse doesn't understand me."
"If only my prospective clients could see how my services will benefit them."
"------------------" you fill in the blank.
     Most problems in business and personal relationships
can be traced directly to poor communication skills.  Think of all the  time you have wasted and all the frustration you
have endured as a result of poor communication. On the other hand, consider how much better your life would be if you 
learned low to communicate effectively.  Your personal and business life would flourish, your stress level would be reduced,
you would save a lot of time and avoid a lot of frustration.
There are three things to remember before you write a
letter or start talking. Effective communication will be Short, Simple and Empathetic.  Long messages create boredom. Complicated messages create confusion. Always put your self in the other person's shoes. How would you want someone to talk to you about the subject ?



The Art of Effective Communication is the most important life skill you can acquire.


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