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Doubters do not achieve,skeptics do not contribute,cynics do not create---Calvin Coolidge
Editorial by  Life Coach Jim Tudor
Our total effectiveness is determined by many things. If you hope to attain balance in life you must pay attention to detail in several areas.  Becoming a highly effective communicator will empower you to get control over many time consuming, stress inducing areas, that prevent you from enjoying the lifestyle you desire.   Time is a commodity we all have the same amount of, although most say we don't have enough of it.  One of the most effective ways to make time, reduce stress and project the aura of effectiveness is to get organized.Last month Patty Kreamer shared some of her secrets on how to get organized.  Now that we are on the path to getting organized it is time to bring some goals into your life.  When you are organized and have specific goals you will become much more effective. To help us with this task is Donna Adams, author of  Life Works, a marvelous little book that will bring big changes to your life if you follow her methods.                                                                                       
This month's feature article by Donna Adams,
Bring Goals Into Your Life



You’ve learned the ABC’s of decluttering your life and your beliefs in the last issue of “Total Effects.” So now where do you go? You’re ready to move forward, to set and reach goals and to experience the joy of the results of what you want. But how do you get there? How do you arrive at your goals? Begin by writing on a piece of paper or in a journal what you want. This way you can see exactly what  you are striving for. Seeing it in print will help produce it. Next, tell yourself, out loud, that you have already attained your goal. You now have that new car or new house or you are vacationing in Tahiti. After that, close your eyes and imagine. See, hear, touch, feel and taste what you want. Use all of your senses. Make it real. Now let it go and return to your life. Do this exercise each night before going to sleep and in the morning when you awaken. Let it become a habit. Work with it daily. Then, watch for results!

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