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"Ah for the giftie gie us, to see ourselves as others see us"  ---- Robert Burns
Editorial by  Life Coach Jim Tudor
Our total effectiveness is determined by many things. If you hope to attain balance in life, you must pay attention 
to detail in several areas.  Becoming a highly effective communicator will empower you to get control over many 
time-consumingand stress inducing areas. These prevent you from enjoying the lifestyle you desire.   We all have
 the same amount of time, although most say we don't have enough of it.  One of the most effective ways to make time, 
reduce stress and project the aura of effectiveness is to get organized.  I am extremly fortunate to know an expert who 
can help us with this daunting task. Many of this e-zine's readers also know this lady and will all agree following her advice 
can have a profound affect on your life. Clutter is a major source of stress and a tremendous time waster. Getting your clutter 
under control will contribute greatly toward your total effectiveness.
This month's feature article by Patty Kreamer
Excerpted from her soon to be released book But I Might Need It Some Day

EXCUSE: You can't throw anything away.

You just find it difficult to let go of
your belongings. Perhaps you feel guilty because
somebody gave it to you and you think they will
be insulted if they find out you no longer have
it. Or you paid good money for it and you hate
to be wasteful. This guilt is understandable, but
that guilt is costing you your peace of mind and
happiness. You need to go beyond the guilt.


If you have items that you don't need or want anymore
but find it difficult to throw them away, ask yourself
the following questions:

A. Have I used ______________ in the
last ______days/months/years (depending on what it
is, you have to decide what time frame is reasonable)?

B. Does it still have a use?

C. Is it broken?
(And you are keeping that broken 8 track stereo because...?)

D. Can it be fixed?

E. Is it worth fixing? Do you really want it in your life
even after it's fixed?

F. Can someone else benefit from it more?

G. What would happen if I no longer had this in my life?
I sometimes ask my clients, "Imagine coming home one day
and all the clutter is gone. How would you feel?" They
usually reply with a big sigh of relief followed by,
"Awesome!" So why are you keeping it?

H. If I keep my clutter because it is attached to
memories, are they good memories?

I. Would I rather have the clutter and the stress
that goes with it or the peace that comes when the clutter goes?

All of these questions make you take a peak at your
beliefs and what you value more. These questions can
be rough as you begin to organize and declutter your life, but
as you begin to see your life becoming more simplified
and less stressed, they get easier and easier to answer.

Remember, clutter is nothing more than a pile of decisions.

By Patty Kreamer

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